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From: Mrs. Ruth & John Canter
Back to Bristol. Transfers and flight back home were good. Thank you for everything. We had a truly beautiful holiday in Gozo. Hard to believe that from a couple off emails our holiday was all arranged. The children want to come back next year. The farmhouse was perfect and there was everything we needed and the service was great. We loved your brother's restaurant. By far the best place we dined at.  One suggestion though. Next time we want a farmhouse with a washing machine installed. When you have children it's really very handy. I'll let you know soon when we decide on dates.
Ruth, John, Jim & Clara
From: Mr. Gabe & Fanny Switzer
Dear Joseph,
Would like to thank you for helping make our holiday in Gozo so wonderful. You friendly, personal service and your willingness to help us out were truly appeciated. We loved the farmhouse and the fact that the pool was all ours and Franky always kept the it so clean. We were planning of going to Greece next year but will probably come back to Gozo instead since now we know what to expect.
Gabe & fanny
From: Alison & William Flynn
Thanks Joseph we are home and well. Back to school and work! we had a wonderful holiday, thank you for your help in arranging it.
Alison, Bill and boys
From: Rupert Sharp & Rowan Avis
Hey thanks for the return home note - bit of a nightmare at the airport, our flight got delayed for 7 hours!!!!! we actually left Malta at 2.30 Sept. 11th, not everyones favourite time to be flying I am sure.
We both had a fantastic time in Amandas and I have been showing off at work and making people listen to all our tales and showing them the website = you might be getting some enqiries any day soon, actually there is a guy who is
looking for 2 weeks on his honeymoon, and I have given him all the details for your site and how great it is - no commission for me thanks! No really you and Frankie really made us feel at home and reckon that you run a tight ship - thanks again and who knows we maybe back sooner than you think as coming back to london is no joy 9 months of the year!
All the Best
Rupert & Rowan.
From: Stephen &  Sharon Wilson
Dear Joseph,
What a wonderful time we had in Gozo at Da Manuel apartments. Everyone is so helpful and Manuel worked particularly hard to make our stay comfortable and easy. The restaurant is superb and definitely one of the best on the island. It’s the first time I’ve booked a holiday over the Internet but I would certainly do so again especially on Gozo. I could write more but perhaps the best recommendation for you and Gozo is that we liked it so much we bought a house there!!!
No doubt we’ll see much more of you in future and we look forward to returning very soon.
Kindest regards
Steve & Sharon Wilson
From: Mark & Jill
Yes we got home safely after our wonderful time in Gozo. Every thing was fine and we very much appreciated all your hospitality. The accommodation was fine. It was great that there was water and coffee etc on our arrival, that really helped our arrival. No complaints only praise. If there was one thing I would change it would be the driving across Malta, the drivers drive too fast and quite dangerously and this does not make for a realized arrival and departure. Having said that the drivers were kind and welcoming. I would recommend that your guests may prefer a slower journey where they can enjoy the ride. 
Once again it was good to meet you Joseph and be back in Gozo, thank you for all your help, hope to see you again in the near future. Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to Patricia (I may have the name wrong) who met us on arrival and looked after us.
Mark and Jill
From: Michele & Darren Gosney
Hi Joseph,
Nice to hear from you! We arrived home just over a week ago after our wonderful holiday. After we left Gozo, you might recall that we went back to Malta (San Pawl il-Bahar) for a few more days, then to Sicily for a week and then to England for another week.  We had a lovely time everywhere and we now have over 300 photos to remind us of our experiences.  The photos of
Ta' Peppa that we took look great! There was nothing amiss at all during our time with you.  It was a pleasure staying at Ta' Peppa.  Thank you for your hospitality.
Bye for now.
Darren and Michele Gosney
From: Simon, Liz & Ryan Sutton
Dear Joseph
Thanks for your lovely email. We arrived safely home with no hitches!  We are now just trying to get back to normal now - shame we already miss Gozo. Thanks very much for a very special holiday, the Farmhouse was just perfect, the sunshine was gorgeous and your service was brilliant.  Thanks again for all your help - we miss you already. Keep in touch and hopefully see you in a couple of years.
Bye for now.
From: Mrs. Lesley Groome
Hi Joseph,
Yes thank you we had a very good trip home - we were actually early! We would all like to say thank you for sorting out the lovely Villa. We all had a brilliant time and feel very refreshed and relaxed - ready for Christmas!
Would you also please thank the man that cleaned the pool who made such a wonderful job of it and was also very quiet!  Also to Maria for keeping the Villa so nice. Hope to meet you again someday.  I will certainly leave your address on my email for the future. It was a pleasure meeting you. Take care.
From: Mrs. Emma & Tim Raybould
Hi Joseph!
We eventually got home at about 3.00am after a 2 hour delay from Malta airport. We all found our stay at Ta'Julie absolutely brilliant.  The villa was beautiful and the service we received was very friendly and reliable. The only thing I would say, is in future, it may be an idea to remind the more forgetful of us British to leave the villa keys behind!!  Only joking, but we do apologise for any inconvenience that we caused you. I hope that you got the keys back ok. We hope to see you again in the future.
Best regards
Emma & Tim
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