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From: Mr & Mrs Alan Hume
Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your email. We are now all back home ok. Yes, the people arriving earlier than expected did mean a somewhat rushed departure from the house, but it was not really a problem. Having use of the jeep for the extra few hours and leaving it at Mgarr helped us a lot and the transfer to the airport was fine.
We really enjoyed our time in Gozo and the house was excellent. Thank you for making all the arrangements for us and helping us to have a really good holiday. We will definitely be coming back to Gozo and will be in touch with you again then. Take care.
From: Mr Tony & Mrs Emily Hartwell
Hello Joseph,
Many thanks for all your help whilst we were in Gozo.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The villa was ideal for us.  We got back safely home and back to work again.  We hope one day when you are in England you will contact us.  Thanks once again.  It was been a pleasure meeting you.
Tony, Emily, Oliver & Rebecca.
From: Mr. Andy Rigg
Hi Joseph,
Just started up my computer after getting home. We arrived safely back thank you very much. We all enjoyed our time in Gozo very much. Thank you and all your team very much for making our holiday most enjoyable. Every thing was perfect and we enjoyed everything about Gozo and the farmhouse. I will certainly be telling all my friends how good it was, and will be recommending Marjoe Gozo Farmhouse Vacations.
Thanks once again for all the help during our stay and I am sure we shall return in the future.
Best Regards
Andy & Family
From: Dr. Tamas Fischer - Budapest Hungary
Hi Joseph,
Our journey  back was good, there was no problem with the transfer and the flight.  Our vacation was really  memorable  for both of us !! Your island is beautiful and we enjoyed your personality and hospitality ! Be sure that I will recommend this place and your company to my friends and relatives.
Best wishes
Dr.Tamas Fischer
From: Mr. Andre' Loosli -Zurich  Switzerland
Dear Joseph,
Sorry, that we haven't answered sooner but I didn't open my private eMail for a long time. We really had a marvellous time and slowly I'm getting back to business life again.
Thanks for asking how to get home. Everything went in our plans and we come home as planned. Surely, we had a really good time in Gozo. We enjoyed our holidays very much and often we remembered the good time we spent there. Everything was really o.k. and we will recomend Gozo to our friends! It was a good experience.
We hope you are well and wish you all the best.
Family André Loosli
From: Paul & Alice Brand
Hi Joseph,
we are fine got home no problem.
Thankyou for your hospitality the farmhouse was lovely and as you know the kids loved the pool.We found the people on Gozo very friendly and may well return-when its a little cooler.
From: Shelby Dorsett
Hi Joseph,
we all got home lovely and safe.The holiday was amazing and we will see you next year.

Shelbs xx
From: Mrs. Margot Vlot - The Netherlands
Hello Joseph,
We certainly had a nice holiday, expecially the week on Gozo. Our trip home went well. We all are back to work again, unfortunately. Thanks for your effort! We will refer any people that want to rent a beautiful house on a small and interesting little island to your website.
Margot, Eric and Joris.
From: Mr. Bill & Brenda Colby - Rochester New York
We really enjoyed our stay in Malta, especially the 19 days in Gozo at Pepprina.  The farmhouse is a charming place, wonderfully restored and comfortable; Gharb is a pleasant little town; and Gozo is amazing.  We saw new things that we really enjoyed every day.  The history, especially the Neolithic sites and Ggantija, in particular, really fascinated us.  The walks along the coast were always spectacular.You were very good to us and we appreciated your visits and your concern to be sure that everything was going well.  Josephine and Joseph took good care of us, as well.  The place was very clean and well-maintained.  Please give them our best.  Also, please give our regards to your brother, Manuel, and let him know that we enjoyed Da Manuel and thought the food was terrific.
Thanks again and please let us know when you are planning another trip to the U.S. so that, hopefully, we can get together here.
Bill & Brenda
From: Mr. Nigel Wood
Hi Joseph,
We did arrive back to the UK in one piece, although I managed to catch a cold and felt pretty rough the last two days! However, we did enjoy very much our Gozo trip, especially my Mum for whom the holiday was mainly arranged for.  They are already talking about a return family visit at some point so no doubt you may hear from us again if this materializes. Thanks for your help and communication and please give our appreciation to Jo, who's skill and attention to detail was so apparent at 'Ta Julie'. I'll recommend guidegozo.com to my friends.
Best Wishes
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