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From: Mrs. Kate Stephens - Maryland USA
Hi Joseph,
We had a wonderful time in Gozo --- it is a spectacular place.  The whole family wants to return in the summer sometime.  The weather was fine -- the kids got to swim and climb and they had a blast.  Bill and I were stunned by the natural beauty, and we had fun driving around in the jeep on "the wrong side of the road".  Amanda is a lovely house and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Best wishes for a good summer season.  Regards,
Kate & Family
From: Sean & Nikki Gray
Dear Joseph,
Thankyou for a fantastic time the farmhouse Ta Julie was fantastic and your service first class, I will be contacting you in the near future with my dates for next year thank Joe for me and I hope your  Mother is on the mend, tell your brother his food was delicious. Many thanks again Joseph.
Take care
Sean  Niki  and family
From Beatrix & Christian Fahlke - Berlin Germany.
Hi, Joseph,
Now we are in "GOOD OLD GERMANY", I washed all the stuff, the sun is shining and yesterday the school for the girls has just started.We had really nice holidays, although the weather was not so fine, but we like your isle and the friendly people of GOZO!!! Thank you, JOSEPH, we liked you so much, and thank you for the nice presents for Hannah and Henriette.
Wishing you a wonderful year (of course hard work, its the same for us!!!)
Beatrix, Hannah, Henriette and Christian
From: Marielle & Joel Favre
Hello Joseph,
It was really very good holidays. Thank you so much for your hospitallity. Everything was perfect apart of the helico on the way back. The helicopter had technical problem and we had to rush to the ferry and then big rush again to catch the flight which was waiting for us.
It was so good that we'd like to come back. Could you please reserve Ta Julie two weeks in the end of May 2004. We don't know yet exactly when but if you are ok, we think confirm the date within the end of the year. We don't know either for how many people yet but , in any case we'll be Joel, the two girls and me.
Looking forward hearing from you soon,
Marielle & Joel
From: Paul & Mary Unsworth
Thanks joseph everything was spot on!
We will certainly recommend you to our friends and hope to see you again in the future.
best wishes Paul & Mary
From: Chris & Jo Fox
Hi Joseph,
Now safely back - many thanks for your good wishes & excellent villa. We had a great time. One night in St. Pauls Bay was enough to convince us that we had made the right decision to come to Gozo. Only thing we could suggest is that you could put together a kind of  'Users Guide' for the villa - a laminated sheet or two would be just the thing - with details of where things are and what switches do what - that would have avoided the call about the water. Otherwise everything was just great.
Hope we do business again - we'll certainly be recommending you to friends...
From: Rudi & Nathalie De Pauw
We got back home alright without trouble. Many many thanks for good service and excellent holidays (and we mean it). There is absolutely nothing we can think of we disliked. We, on the contrary, 100% loved it and already started our 'promotion campaign'.
Take care!
Rudi & Nathalie
From: Catherine & Barry Jackson - Vancouver British Columbia
You took very good care of us, checking in to see if everything was all right, and that we were enjoying ourselves, and we knew we could call if we needed you. You all worked so very hard to make sure our every need and wish was immediately taken care of. We have rented many places over the past 15 years,mostly always in Europe. We love to visit new countries and learn about it's people's culture, art,cuisine and history. This journey, however, was the most wonderful we have ever had, and it was because of the way you responded to us with kindness and such generosity of spirit. You welcomed us into your Island lives, and made any arrangements we thought of possible for us. We can't thank you enough for all of the effort you put in Joseph and a small gift of my little endeavors at creative work can't possibly repay you for it. We feel such a connection to you, and we fell in love with Jane and Frank the same way. They are also such extraordinary people. We have not only gone on a holiday and journey of discovery to a new land, but we have made lasting friendships that I know will endure over our remaining time together on this earth. What a special time on Gozo we had..... both on our own and the time spent with you all.

My heart is already missing all of you on Gozo, and it will for a long time to come.
In a way I feel as though I have experienced a "fantastic dream" .....one of kindness, beauty and deep spiritual connection to you all and your beautiful Gozo.
As my work unfolds on a larger scale now that I am home, I will share it with you over the email thingy, so that you can see all of "your beauty" in my experience there.
I will also email the photos of our dinner together that Barry took at the restaurant. I hope and pray all is well for him with his little girl's operation? Please thank him for taking such good care of us when we went for dinners. You are truly all special on Gozo!! I will miss you and Jane and Frank very much physically, but will stay in touch with you all via email. I know you all have very busy lives and I wish to put no extra pressures on you, so drop a line when you have time. I don't expect you to answer a friend as promptly as you do your work Joseph.
Will be in touch soon.
Please tell Jane and Frank we are just home safely and that I will email tomorrow when I have had a little more sleep.
With so much affection for you and Dianne, you take care too!!  I hope your Mother improves daily Joseph and that you will have her in your lives for a good time yet.
Will email again when things have returned to normal around here.
With deep respect for you,
Catherine and Barry
From: Chris Roberts
We all had a great time once we arrived! The Villa was very good and we made good use of the pool and barbeque. There may be another visit abroad for the group sometime next year so we may be in touch again.
From: Greg & Gayle Surcliffe
We got home nice and safe thank you.
Both Gayle and I wanted to thank you again for our wonderful holiday and for the excellent way you made sure we were looked after and gave us your personal touch. I'm sure all that come to see you say the same thing, but we consider you and your family very lucky to be living in such a beautiful place, earning a good living and clearly enjoying yourself.
See you again I'm sure, 
Best Wishes
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