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From: Alison & Paul Baker
Hi Joseph
We got back yesterday (Sunday) after a night in London. We had a lovely time - great house, great island, wonderful food and all well organised and very feiendly. Just what we were looking for!
Back to work now!! Look forward to returning to Gozo in the next year or two
Thanks again
Best wishes
Paul and Alison 
From: Anne & Kevin Jackson
Hi there Joseph,
We had a good trip back although the kids were very tired. I was intending to write to you anyway to say thank you for such a wonderful holiday.The farmhouse, the pool, the island and above all the people of Gozo were lovely. We wil gladly recommend you to all family and friends and hopefully we shall see you again one day ourselves. Please pass our thanks onto Frank and Jane and tell them they have a lovely house and should be proud of it. Also thank them for their hospitality shown towards us. There is one thing they may be able to help with - I have lost my wristwatch - nothing valuable but it has sentimental value to me as it belonged to an aunt of mine. I have looked through all our luggage but to no avail and I was wondering if it may have fallen out of my bag whilst in the house. If they do come across it I would be really grateful if they would send it to me. I would, of course, send the postage to them. Thanks again Joseph, the kids say hi.
From: Kathryn England & Stuart
Dear Joseph,
Thank you for your email but more importantly thank you for all your help and assistance while staying on Gozo.  We both had a fantastic holiday, we thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the island and all that it had to offer. The villa was lovely and we especially appreciated the very friendly and hands on service you provide.  Thank you so very much.
Please would you also pass on our thanks to Raymond for his help with the jeep and more importantly his help on our last day.  The restaurant he took us to was such a prefect setting for our last few hours on the island. We will, hopefully, see you again sometime when we make a return trip and of course will plug the website in the meantime.
Kathryn & Stuart 
From: Kumar Shah & Sejel Parikh
Dear Joseph,
Thank you for your email---Kumar and I had a lovely time in Gozo and were very pleased with the cozy farmhouse you provided.  Also, thank you very much for your kind gift and please be sure to give our regards to your wife and daughter.
take care,
Thanks for everything - we finally made it home on Monday. We missed our ferry to Sicily because the Gozo ferry that we were going to go on was full and the next one was not for another hour! however we made it to Sicily on Thursday night after alot of running around. Thanks for organsing the villa - the holiday was lovely and relaxing . hopefully we'll come out again next summer! all the best,
From: Dan & Debbie Perez - Houston Texas USA
Yes, we got home safe and sound which is always a good thing. Now we are just busy trying to readjust to our work schedule. It was good to get away and Gozo was a nice place to be. I do hope all is well with you and the heat is not to much. Maybe someday our paths will cross again. Thanks for all your hospitality.
Debbie & Daniel Perez
From:Ingrid, Daisy and Paul van Poortvliet
Hello Joseph,
We arrived home safely, thanks for asking. Sorry for the late response, but you know how it is, wenn you come back from a holiday (and the inbox in the computer contains roughly 200 e-mails) Again we would like to thank you for a wonderfull stay in Amanda's Farmhouse, we truly enjoyed the magnificent pool and the sunny weather you included in the package.
(See the picuture included)
Please say thanks to Frank and Jane for taking care of us. We don't know when, but we're sure that we will come back again.
Best regards,
Ingrid, Daisy and Paul
From: Mark Lutton
Hi Joseph,
We all returned safely to the UK last night and I am now back at work wishing I was still in Gozo. We all had a fantastic hoilday and absolutely loved the Villa. Unfortunately when I unpacked last night i found one of the keys for the Safe box in the villa was in my trouser pocket. Don't worry I will post this to you
so you will get it in the next few days. Sorry for any inconvenience.
From: Sarah & Marc Prentice
Hi Joseph,
Just a quick note to thank you very much for all your organising and help which made our holiday in Gozo last week so relaxed and enjoyable.  Having spent a lot of time in the past in Malta, Gozo was a new experience for us and we are now truely converted and can't wait to come back!  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone interested in renting such as we did.  Please also pass on our thanks to Ray for transporting us to and from the airport! Many thanks Joseph - thanks again for helping to make our holiday one that we will remember for a long time to come, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Kind regards
Sarah & Marc
From: Mr. & Mrs. Jan Mulder The Netherlands
Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your contribution to our perfect holiday. We have just arrived safely home. The necklace of Karlijn has been found already so that is solved as well. I called with your daughter this afternoon and asked her to tell you we already had found it. We will spread the good news about you and Gozo.
Kind regards,
Fam. Mulder
From: Colin & Elaine Douglas
Hello Joseph,
We are all home safe and well, many thanks to yourself, Joe and Ray for another lovely, hassle free holiday.  Special thanks for the lovely lace which were really very much appreciated. As soon as you know definite dates for us next year please let us know so that we can check it doesn't clash with the boy's schooling. Tell Joe we will definitely make him an offer he can't refuse for 'Ta' Julie' when we win the lottery!!
Many thanks again, already looking forward to next year,
Take care
Colin & Elaine xx
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