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From: Susan Montgomery
Dear Joseph:
It is my first day back at work. I know Hilary sent you our thanks from London, but I just wanted to say personally how much we enjoyed our all too brief time in Gozo. Thank you for your help and we really hope we have an opportunity to return. It is a little slice of heaven.
All the very best to you and your family
From: Tania Martres
Hi Joseph.
The trip back home went perfectly smoothly, although today it's quite hard to get back to work.
Gunther already asked me how it was, I told him we had really enjoyed it. I'll show him a few pictures as soon as I have some time.
As I told you, there really was nothing to complain about, it was perfect!
Thank you again for everything
From: Steve & Nancye Church
I am so sorry that neither of us has had the good manners to email you back. We both thought the other person had done so!! We had a lovely stay in your farmhouse, thank you. I don't know if we will be staying somewhere as large again, I suspect we will look for an apartment next time we visit which will probably be September.

Again, thank you for your hospitality and hope to see you then.
Many thanks,
Steve and Nancye
From: Renee & Peter Zeven
Dear Joseph,
Thank you! We arrived safe home after a lovely week at Gozo. We simply loved the island and Ta Vitor/Xhagra. No disapointments at all. Everything went very smoothly, very nice people, good food, lots off sunshine and great scenery. We would like to thank you once again for the way you organized things for us. Straight, relaxed and to the point.
All the best for you in the future. Hope you will manage to keep Gozo as it is now. A unigue spot in hectic Europe.
Peter & Renee
From: Jack & Tina Parkin
Hi Joseph,
Just a quick note to say thanks for a great holiday, best yet!!! The organisation  of the whole holiday was perfect from the time that we landed in Malta, the ferry connections, the jeep hire, the villa, really just everything. The Villas were superb especially Ta Julia (please express our thanks to Joe for all of his help)  The standard of Ta Julie was exceptional, and every thing was there that we needed a real home from home, we couldn't of asked for better,  and just as shown in the pictures on the web site. It was also reassuring to know that you were there if and when we needed you and that was appreciated!
Speak to you again soon, hope to see you and Joe next year.
Take care
Jack, Tina,   Francesca and Jack-Tom
From: Serena MacKesy
Hi, Joseph. Sorry I've been silent since we got back. Journey was for some reason completely knackering, had to plunge straight into work while the rain pelted down outside and it slipped my mind. Thanks so much for once again sorting us out with another lovely house with such grace and efficiency. Everyone had a completely lovely time - it was Anne and Mark's first time on Gozo and they're both already talking about "next time", so they're as hooked as I am - and ta'Randu was the perfect base. I find it hard to believe that Ray managed to make such a lovely house out of a ruin in such a short space of time - deeply impressed! 
 I'll let you know, if I know in advance myself, when the piece is going to be in; otherwise I'll try to grab an extra copy and send it to you. And I'll nudge Charlie to send you the details of his internet people. Computers are what he does for a living, so he knows what he's talking about...
 Thanks so much, Joseph. Once again you came up trumps. Touch wood I'll see you next year.
best wishes
From: Hans & Regina Hueesker
Hi Joseph,
Back in Frankfurt a lot of work was waiting for me, unfortunately, but I am well prepared after wonderful vacation. You did a lot for the success of our vacation. Thank you again for your assistance. We have been especially glad that you made it possible for us to return to the farmhouse Palma in St.Lawrence. We felt extremely well there. There is no question of disapointment. Just the contrary. Many thanks to you again. We think that this has not been our last stay in Gozo.
Best regards,
From: Charles, Amanda, Olivia & Jessica Fox
Hi Joseph,
Many thanks for your note. We are indeed struggling with the British weather since returning! - Very wet and not particularly warm! We wanted to record to you that our third visit to Gozo has been as much a success as the previous two. This is in no short measure due to your own attention to our needs and making us feel so welcome. Our transfers went all according to plan and Katherine was very helpful and pleasant on the journey to Valletta.
We enjoy the climate and the people on Gozo and the way of life. Occasionally the peace can be disturbed by some construction or development activities - but that is to be expected by anyone  anywhere when on holiday - and not even you can be expected to wave your magic wand in such cases!!
With many thanks for your help and assistance once again.
Please send our best regards to all your family.
Charles, Amanda, Jessica and Olivia
From: Rob & Stella Orchard
Hi Joseph!
How are you?
Yes we arrived home safely to dreary old England.  It is very warm here today but still no sunshine!! We had an absolutely wonderful holiday thank you.  Gozo is such a beautiful place full of very friendly people and we very much look forward to coming again as soon as we can.
Thanks again Joseph
Best regards
Stella, Rob, Callum & Rylan xx
From: Charlotte & Philippe Ferrari
Dear Joseph,
We all enjoyed our holiday in Gozo tremendously, the house was just what we wanted, Philippe loved driving the jeep and the transfers went smoothly. Thank you very much for all your help in making our short stay a memorable one.
Best wishes and ' Bon courage' for your busy month ahead.
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