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From: Marie Simo - France

Hello Joseph!
We are come back home. Our holidays were very pleasant, and the house were very nice. Thank you very much and may be  see you later!

From: Bridget Lander
Hi Joseph,
Thank you for your email. I have only just got back to work so could not reply
sooner. We had a wonderful time & will be returning again maybe not next year as we are thinking of going to Sicily, but we will be back 2007. Thank you so much for making our time in Gozo so speacial we went to
your brothers resturant twice & the food was fantastic.
One thing I left a pair of my sandels on the bed as I forgot to pack them do you know if your cleaner found
From: Adrian & Jenny Gale
Hi Joseph,
Adrian and I had a really lovely holiday and we were sad to leave!
Thanks for organising things for us - everything went very smoothly and we'll have happy memories of Gozo.
Best wishes,
From: Neil & Angela Ford
Hi Joseph,
Just a short message to say thankyou for your warm hospitality during our stay at Gozo. We all had a wonderful time and  arrived home safely at 9.30 am our time.Yes my brother Keith is impatient, someone picking up other people called out the name Thomas so my brother thought he meant them and got on a minibus with the other people to the airport. (Typical of him). They arrived home at 6.30 am Wednesday morning. Neil is back in work, does'nt take long to get back to normal. We had Craig and Janine's evening wedding party last Saturday, it was a good turn out and everyone enjoyed themselves. Neil is asking how Mary is?  ha ha. Speak to you soon.
Love Angela   xxxx
From: Jeff Evans
Hello Joseph,
Just been looking at your website, quite like the look of Tas Surgent in
Qala for next years holiday, what is the price for this villa arround the
time of the village's festa? Could you send additional photos of the bungalow (if you have any)
From: Gavan Byrne
Hi Joseph,
Yes, we all arrived in one piece! Thanks for all your help. We had a great time and we hope to return again soon.
Best Regards,
Gavan, Tara, Jason, Natalie

From: Steve & Christina Adams

Dear Joseph
Thank you for all your help during our stay on Gozo, we had a really good
journey back with no delays. We all had a fantastic time and absolutely loved Tal- Hamrahan and Gozo itself, I am sure most of us will return at some time.
Steve, Christina and family.
From: Mrs. Nathalie Mollinet
Dear Joseph,
Thanks once more for everything. The organization was perfect and we are planning to come back next year. Shall keep in touch with you.
From: Isla Nicholson
How are you?? We are missing Gozo so much, things here have been very hectic since we got back in August. We had such a lovely time when we were with you out there in Gharb
I did talk to you about reserving the villa for next yr the big one in Gharb
with 6 beds, can you let me know which one this is and when it is available
Hope you and all your family are well
Talk soon
From: Tony & Julia Quinn
Dear Joseph,
I should have e-mailed you earlier, but since returning home, there have been so many things that needed doing, I just have not had any spare time. However, things have now got a little more settled, so I thought I would quickly get this e-mail off to you. We arrived home safe and sound after a pleasant, but again delayed flight, due to storms over London, which delayed our landing by about 45 minutes. Apart from that though the helicopter was once again 'on time' and the weather over the med. and france was good. What can I say, Both Julia and myself enjoyed 'Amandas' villa very much,it was especially good to meet with the owner, who spent a lot of time explaining and showing us photo's of the farmhouse, before it was converted, all of which we found very interesting. Joseph, both of us have spent so much time on Gozo, and enjoyed every visit, visits that you helped to organise, for which we can only say once again, a very big Thank You. It is always nice to return to your lovely Island, and especially nice to meet up with you again. Next June we will be off to Canada for a couple of weeks, to visit with Julia's daughter who lives out there, however, it is my intention to make sure, that we return to Gozo for a week in September, and will be in touch with you early in the New Year about that. In the meantime, many, many thanks once more for all of you help, making our last trip very memorable. Our love to you and all the family, see you again in 2006, Tony and Julia.

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